School Trips

School Trips

Leeds may be known for its days out and family life but there is also plenty to do for schools and families.

The Leeds Arts Gallery can offer a various sessions which include artwork and games. Many of the work can also be displayed as well. There is also a special gallery of drawings as well as a gift shop and caf?.

Thornton?s Arcade is also a worthy destination and this contains the clock made by Potts and Sons and other leading local sculptors.

The River Aire Walk is ideal for a healthy exercise for children and this can lead to railway station as well as the Granary Wharf which offers various shops and bars.

Other local attractions include the Waterfront, Leeds and Liverpool canal, the ducks and other birds and also the Royal Armouries. The Royal Armouries has many interesting sites such as the King Henry?s Suite if Armour and also the museums and various horse demonstrations.

The Leeds City Museum is a main attraction and offers various activities such as arts and crafts and also interactive African exhibitions and also a Life on Earth Exhibition. Pottery and Roman mosaics are also part of the package.