Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot

Leeds can offer a host of racing venues which include the Chequering Flag Go Karting facility which offers practice sessions and also an adrenaline junkie site which includes a ten minutes qualifying period as well as a race for up to fifty minutes.

There is also an indoor karting service available under the Pole Position (PPIK). The events they can cater for include the Iron Man format and also the Sprinter and practice session. Team Endurance sessions which range from one hour right to three hours are also available for a much dearer price range.

There is a special go kart party facility available for a child that includes cushioned seats, sturdy roll bars and padded cockpits. They can also provide a travelling service to any destination.

Go Ballistic Go Karting websites can be checked out for all racing venues in and around Leeds.

Leeds Minibus and Coach Hire can transport you to all business sites with ease and comfort, and at affordable prices.